RV 101® – 5 Inexpensive Products to Help Keep you Cool in your RV

We all enjoy summer activities when we take RV camping trips, but when your fun in the sun is over you want your RV to be an oasis to keep you cool. Watch the RV video below to discover five inexpensive products to help keep you cool in your RV.

Portable Fan

Dometic 930015.P10 Coffee 15 Foot Patty O’ Room Awning Sunscreen

Dometic 930010.P10 Coffee 10′ Patty O’Room Awning Sunscreen

Reflectix ST16025 Staple Tab Insulation 16 Inch x 25 ft Roll

Maxxair (00-933072) White Vent Cover

Maxxair (00-933069) Black Vent Cover

Be safe & have a great camping season.

Mark Polk


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One thought on “RV 101® – 5 Inexpensive Products to Help Keep you Cool in your RV

  1. Great summer beat the heat tip’s! Thanks Mr Polk for the products in the recommendation list. We’ll be sure to check out these products for us!


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