Download a Free Copy of our guide: RV 101® at the Campground


RV Education 101® Releases RV101® at the Campground Publication

Wilmington, NC – October, 2017 – RV Education 101®, announced today a new RV101® at the Campground publication to help assist and educate RV owners and potential owners on numerous topics concerning RV Campgrounds.

Mark Polk, co-owner stated, “Last January we replaced our 6-year running monthly RV Consumer digital publication with a new monthly digital newsletter format titled RV101® This Month. Numerous monthly subscribers have contacted us requesting periodic issues similar to the old magazine style format. We recently made the decision to publish quarterly issues focusing on topics of interest to the RV consumer and RV enthusiast. We are happy to announce the first quarterly issue titled

RV101® at the Campground is now available”

This latest RV101® publication coincides with many other web sites and social media venues RV Education 101® currently offers with the continuing goal of helping to educate RV consumers.

Dawn Polk added, “The campground issue offers suggestions on different types of campgrounds and campsites readers may not know are available to them, and other relevant information like pre-trip checks, campground set-up checklists and campground etiquette. We plan to release similar issues on topics RV consumers are interested and curious about on a quarterly basis.”

Download the RV101® at the Campground issue here

RV Education 101

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2 thoughts on “Download a Free Copy of our guide: RV 101® at the Campground

  1. Mark, Thank you for what you do for the RV community. Your presentations are very well done and easy to understand.

    Safe travels

    Regards, John Bagwell

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