How to Replace & Reseal RV Windows

A common repair made on RVs is resealing or replacing a window. In most cases the owner takes the RV to a service facility to have the repairs done. Today I’m going to demonstrate how the do-it-yourselfer can reseal and replace RV windows using a brand new Seal-tite™ Foamcore Window Kit.

The Seal-Tite™ Window Foamcore Kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to repair a leaking RV window or to reseal a RV window. It contains enough Foamcore in the kit to reseal up to 6-8 windows, depending on size. It requires no trimming, it will not sag or ooze, and it has excellent temperature resistance in warm and cold climates. The round shape of the Seal-Tite Foamcore allows precise placement around the window radiuses and it will not gap, fall off, or roll.

Happy Camping,

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