1971 Dodge Truck Restoration – Prepping the Truck for Trailer Towing

The other day I received an email and the sender said they watched all of the episodes we produced on restoring the vintage 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer. The question they had was, what did I do to prepare the 1971 Dodge Power Wagon to tow the Yellowstone trailer when I restored the truck.

That’s a great question. Throughout the Dodge Power Wagon restoration, I kept it in the back of my mind the truck would tow a trailer every now and then. I wanted to do something similar to how modern-day manufacturers add a towing package to a new truck. Let’s take a look at how my trailer towing package turned out.

The 1971 W100 Dodge Power Wagon came equipped with 4.10 axle gear ratios. This is typically a good towing gear ratio, but it was overkill for my project, especially with concern about improving fuel efficiency too. I decided to replace the 4.10 gears with 3.55 gears in both the front and rear axles. This is what I would call a middle of the road gear set for both towing and fuel efficiency.

With that completed I moved on to the steering and suspension. There was quite a bit of free-play in the steering wheel so I ordered and installed a rebuilt steering gear box. I recently found a power steering set-up for the truck, but I did not have a chance to install it yet.

Another addition to help the steering was installing a dual steering stabilizer.

For the suspension I replaced the front leaf springs and all of the front suspension components.

On the rear I installed air ride suspension along with an air compressor and an air pressure gauge mounted in the cab. When I tow the trailer the air ride not only helps with the trailer tongue weight, it also provides a smoother ride.

Next, I replaced all of the brakes on the truck. I wanted to make sure when it was time to stop, the truck could stop, especially with a trailer behind it.

I knew the engine had plenty of horsepower to tow the trailer, but I added an aluminum radiator and electric fan to help keep the engine cool.


I wanted to make sure the transmission was ready too. I sent the transmission out to be rebuilt, and when I installed it in the truck I installed a transmission oil cooler.

Transmission oil coolers are like small radiators, when the fluid circulates through the cooler it is cooled by airflow before going back to the transmission.

I installed and electronic brake controller for the trailer brakes.

and I installed a universal hitch receiver rated at 5,000 pounds.  Next I installed and wired a 7-way plug for the trailer lights.

When it came to towing the trailer down the road I installed Toyo Open Country tires with an E-rated load range.

Last but certainly not least, when I tow a travel trailer I use an Equalizer hitch with built in sway control.

That completes what I consider the trailer towing package for the 1971 Dodge Power Wagon. The first time I towed the trailer I hardly knew it was behind the truck.

Happy Camping,

Mark J. Polk

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  1. Mark,
    I’ve enjoyed your RV101reading all the articles about RV ing.
    The job on the Dodge truck was fabulous. I loved those old trucks.

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  2. Great job, Mark. The truck and trailer look great. I enjoying reading and learning from your newsletter and videos. Keep up the good work.

    John Bagwell

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