RV Quality Questioned?

RV Education 101 Releases Special Edition Publication on RV Quality

RV Quality Questioned CLICK HERE to read what Mark has to say

  RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company today released a special edition PDF publication titled

The RV industry is enjoying a boom in sales, but faces some difficult challenges ahead as more and more RVs are manufactured and sold. There is a shortage of certified RV technicians, long waiting periods for service and repair work and there are questions about the quality of some RVs manufactured today.

Mark Polk, founder of the long-standing RV Education 101 video training series stated, “I selected “RV quality” as the topic for this special edition publication because quality is important to every RV owner. I am in a unique position to write about RV quality. I sold RVs, I was an RV sales manager for many years, and I have owned, used, inspected and repaired RVs for most of my adult life. My goal with this publication wasn’t to simply say RV quality is good or bad and leave it at that. My goal was to take an unbiased look at RV quality and workmanship, try to highlight some causes for poor RV quality, talk about some misunderstandings, and look at some measures that might help improve RV quality.”

RV Quality Questioned CLICK HERE

Happy Camping, Mark

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