RV 101® – What you need to know about RV Sewer Hoses & RV Holding Tank Maintenance videos

A big topic concerning RV ownership is emptying and maintaining the RV holding tanks. This includes everything from the type of RV sewer hose you use, RV sewer hose adapters and fittings, to using and maintaining the the RV toilet and the gray and black water holding tanks. To help answer some of your questions and concerns about RV waste water maintenance I am posting some of our RV Education 101 YouTube videos on these topics.

There is more to an RV sewer hose than you can imagine.  In this RV how to video we discuss the different types of RV sewer hoses, and we offer some practical tips & tricks about RV sewer hoses and RV sewer hose adapters and fittings.

The best place to start with the RV waste water system is with the basics. In this RV how to video I discusses and demonstrate everything you need to know about RV sewer hoses & RV sewer hose fittings.

Preventive maintenance on RV holding tanks is not only about maintaining the tanks, it’s also about properly using the holding tanks, primarily the RV black water holding tank. In this RV how to video I demonstrate the proper care and use of the RV holding tanks.

For more information on RV preventive maintenance check out my RV Care & Maintenance E-book course.

Happy Camping,

Mark J. Polk

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