RVing 101: Different Types of RVs

Types of RVs

RV 101® The Types of RVs with Mark Polk – Before we talk about the types of Recreation Vehicles (RVs) we should discuss what an RV is. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) describes an RV as a vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping.

RVs come in many different types, sizes and price ranges. Some are very basic starting around $7,000 and provide basic sleeping arrangements and cooking facilities. On the other end of the spectrum there are luxury land yachts on wheels costing more than $1,000,000.

RVs are categorized into two groups, towable & motorized

Towable RVs are towed behind a vehicle and then disconnected and set-up when you arrive at your camping destination. This allows you the benefit of using the tow vehicle to make a trip to the store, or go sight-seeing while you are camping. In the majority of cases, towable RVs are less expensive than motorized RVs simply because there is no engine or vehicle chassis. Towable RVs come in a variety of sizes, floorplans and price ranges. It is extremely important that you have a properly sized and equipped truck (or tow vehicle) to safely handle the size and weight trailer you are towing or thinking about purchasing.

Let’s look at the different types of towable RVs


Folding Camping Trailers often referred to as pop-ups are the least expensive RVs. They are designed to be lightweight and for the most part inexpensive while still providing many of the comforts and conveniences found in a travel trailer. A pop-up incorporates a lift system to raise the roof. When the roof is in the raised position there is a tent fabric, either one piece or several sections, attached to the roof and the box, and it expands out to accommodate the pull out bed ends. Read more: Types of RVs: Folding Camping Trailer (pop-up)

Folding Camping Trailer also known as a Pop Up

Travel Trailers are a popular choice among RVers because of the wide variety of floor plans available. Whether it’s for two people or a family of eight you can find a model that will suit your needs. As with other towables a travel trailer can be disconnected and set-up when you arrive at your destination. This allows you the benefit of using the tow vehicle to make a trip to the store, or to go sight-seeing. Read more: Types of RVs: Travel Trailers

Travel Trailer with Fiberglass Exterior Siding
Travel Trailer with Corrugated Aluminum Siding

Hybrid Travel Trailer Another version of the travel trailer is a Hybrid Travel Trailer. The concept is a small, light-weight travel trailer with pull-out or drop-down bed ends, similar to a pop-up. Read more: Types of RVs: Hybrid Trailer

Sport Utility Trailer Another addition to travel trailers is the Sport Utility Trailer (SUT), also referred to as toy haulers and Sport Utility RV (SURV). These trailers have living quarters in the front and cargo /storage space in the back. Read more: Types of RVs: Sport Utility Trailer (SUT) or Toy Hauler

Sport Utility Trailer

Tear Drop Trailer

Teardrop Trailer

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers are the trailers you see that extend over the bed of the pickup or custom tow vehicle. This bi-level design results in fifth-wheels offering the most living space of any towable RV. They range in size from 21 to 40 feet. Read more: Types of RVs: 5th Wheel Trailer

Fifth Wheel also known as 5th Wheel

Truck Campers are campers loaded onto the bed of a pickup truck. This makes for a very versatile RV that can access back roads and remote areas other RVs can’t get to. Truck campers are often times the choice for avid outdoors men and women.

Truck Camper

MOTORIZED RVs (gas and diesel)

There are three classifications for motorized RVs, Type A, B, and C. Motorized RV’s can range anywhere from 21 to 45 feet in length and are available in a variety of floorplans and price ranges.

Let’s look at the different types of motorized RVs

Type A Motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious of motorhomes, ranging in size from 25 to 45 feet. They are the type you see that look similar to a bus, and depending on the price can be equipped with features like a washer and dryer, back-up camera, hydraulic leveling jacks, multiple slide-out rooms, satellite dish, home entertainment system and much more. Read more: Types of RVs: Type A Motorhome

Type A Motorhome

Toy Hauler Motorhome

Motorhome Toy Hauler

Type B Motorhomes are the smallest of the three motorized RV types, ranging in size from 16 to 20 plus feet. They are conversion vans that have been modified and equipped with all of the comforts and amenities found in other RVs, in a compact size. Read more: Types of RVs: Type B Motorhome

Type B Motorhome

Type C Motorhomes, also referred to as mini-motorhomes, are built on a cutaway van chassis. With larger and heavier models being built, some manufacturers are using heavy duty truck chassis’ with higher Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) capacities to build Type C motorhomes on. Read more: Types of RVs: Type C Motorhome

Type C Motorhome

Super C Motorhome

Recreational Park Trailers (RPTs) are designed to be used as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, or seasonal use. In most cases these seasonal cottages are taken to a vacation spot, set-up and left there. This can be in an RV park, resort area, or a tranquil location in the mountains, or along the coast, usually within a few hours drive from the owner’s residence. Read more: Types of RVs: Recreational Park Trailer (RPT)

When selecting the right type of RV, think about how you plan to use the RV and which type works best based on your personal needs. To learn more about buying an RV check out our Buy the Right RV & Save Thousands online training program.

Happy Camping,

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